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How to dye your hair at home: Lessons of beauty

The desire to save on hairdressing services often makes a bold experiment to start coloring hair at home. If correct choice of color and knowledge of a few simple secrets of manipulation can succeed. The result will affect the hair and appearance holders luxurious shiny hair Continue reading How to dye your hair at home: Lessons of beauty

Correctly applying makeup

Most modern women over a period of time bothers use bright scarlet lipstick and a familiar blue mascara. If such a situation occurs, then you should definitely take care of the quality implementation of its new image – the image of chocolate. Today experts of the women’s magazine has provided its readers a new approach to the application ! Bathroom facilities , it is almost no woman can not remain indifferent. Continue reading Correctly applying makeup

Crystal Body Makeover

Crystal Body Art – a modern way of decorating the body by means of lenses, which are applied directly to the skin.

Relatively new, this kind of jewelry has earned the respect of the best stylists and fashion designers: the lens can be matched to the color of the materials, and easily placed anywhere on the body or in the hair.

Application methods: Continue reading Crystal Body Makeover

Foot Care: Treatment of fractures

In spite of the care of feet, on the heels appeared smaller incisions and unpleasant burning sensation? Must immediately begin their treatment, otherwise they quickly prevratyatsya in painful deep cracks. Just not in any way will not yield to smear green paint cracks or iodine, they only slow the healing potsess, making the skin more dry and tough. If disinfection is required, it is better to use hydrogen peroxide. After all, our main objective – to reduce the cracks, and in any case they do not increase. Continue reading Foot Care: Treatment of fractures

10 myths about hangovers

Myths about hangovers are as varied as the drinks, which it may be due. Debunk the most common ones …

Myth 1: The hangover is nothing to worry

TRUTH: The Hangover – our body’s reaction to alcohol poisoning. Drinking large amounts of alcohol – stress to our nervous and immune systems. Continue reading 10 myths about hangovers