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Goiter: cause or consequence?

painIt happens that the natural balance of microorganisms is broken: vary their quantitative and qualitative composition. There are a variety of reasons, that can lead to a failure, for example, the banal overeating or emotionally intense day. But in a healthy body, it is very short: fails even after such a “radical” procedure, as colon hydrotherapy, initial microbial landscape restored for a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
But here’s the body, weakened by constant stress, unhealthy diet or trendy diets, uncontrolled self-medicate, especially with the use of antibiotics, are unable to keep their little helpers, and those start to perish. A holy place, as it is known, is never empty! And released “living space” are fungi and bacteria. Continue reading Goiter: cause or consequence?

The strong legs

legModern science Phlebology is one of the few developing quite rapidly. The phlebologists use modern and high-tech methods of diagnostics and treatment. But if a patient calls a doctor too late, even the best memberships will not be able to fully restore lost health. Do not run the disease: treatment effectiveness depends not only on the equipment, skills and experience of the doctor, but also from you.

Varices-many is a word familiar firsthand. Spider veins, varicose veins and the latent fear that “feet will have mothers and grandmothers” force us to pay a lot of attention to this problem and look for solutions. Continue reading The strong legs

Only pleasant surprises

safeThe choice of a hormonal drug depends on many factors-from age to health. In addition to protection from unwanted pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives on the woman’s body, a number of medical and prophylactic effects: reduce the pain of menstruation, PMS help fight and prevent development of Gynecologic diseases like ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. However, before applying them to consult with a physician-gynaecologist. Continue reading Only pleasant surprises

Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss

makeupMakeup artist Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) and Kate Moss (Kate Moss) Joe Gillingvoter opened the secret of beauty and femininity Hollywood actresses. The stars look perfect, it turns out, helps the hydrating oil, such as Johnson’s baby.
How to make your cleavage as appealing as the Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe)? Joe advises: “a few drops of oil, put on wet skin, Continue reading Reveal the secret beauty of Kate Moss

Those pesky corn

legAutumn is approaching, and we are pulling out boxes of warm and tight shoes, which is so not like light sandals or comfortable flip flops-shakes, waxes and gives the skin the feet to breathe. skinproblemsolution.com will tell you how to avoid the formation of calluses and what to do if they still appeared.
Corn is a natural defense reaction of the skin to the pressure felt by our feet when walking. The reasons for this could be many: excessive load, prolonged walking, running or uncomfortable, tight shoes. In some cases, cause the formation of corns can be avilable feet: for example, if you suffer flat feet, there is a risk that the corns will bother you a lot more often. Continue reading Those pesky corn