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Smoking and beauty

We hear a lot about the dangers of smoking, but for some reason, they underestimate the devastating consequences to which it leads. Let’s look at how smoking affects your beauty, and why.

Manifestations Causes

grayish skin color Nicotine and other substances contained in cigarettes, causing vasoconstriction and, consequently, the deterioration of blood circulation, ie there is (more…)

What happens to the skin a teenager?

During puberty, sebaceous and sweat glands work very hard. When sweating skin pores open and the sebum flows out freely. It neutralizes the acidic environment of the skin and creates favorable conditions for the life of various microorganisms. They are the cause of acne, pustules and pimples.

How to “confront” the appearance of skin problems?

Wash … (more…)

Nutritious mask for aging skin

Raise the general tone of fat, but at the same time, aging skin can be, if we apply a mask of red and white currants, adding honey to them. Apply this mixture on your face and wash after 10 minutes of hot water and then cold.

Another recipe nutritious mask for aging skin a bit more complicated. Spread two to three tablespoons currants juice with one tablespoon of cottage cheese, add one teaspoon of liquid, a little warmed honey and (more…)

Facials homemade currant

Such masks are successfully used for bleaching of small dark spots and freckles. It’s enough to once a day to impose peredavlennuyu pulp of the berries on the pigmented skin for ten to fifteen minutes. It is also possible rubbing of the skin currant juice two to three times a day, and after a while, appeared to become less noticeable freckles.In this case, preparing a mask from the pulp of berries, for oily skin it is best to use red or white (more…)

How to efficiently remove stagnant spots, scars, acne, in other words, treat post-acne?

In this case a laser cleaning of the face, helps to normalize oily skin and prevents the emergence of new inflammatory formations. Laser cleaning is currently the most modern way of purification and renewal of cosmetology fresh face, getting rid of various skin imperfections.

Cleansing of acne, laser or ultrasonic means, necessarily conducted in the presence dermatologist-cosmetologist with experience in such procedures. Clean the face of their own and at home is not safe: there is a chance of infection and (more…)

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