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Denounce myths about intimate hygiene

intimateThe theme of personal hygiene as old as the world. And we are confident in this area-we know all. It turns out that not all. Some questions and important points need to be clarified. So today we disclose all secrets of intimate hygiene.

Hygiene is not only brief encounters with SOAP and water in the morning and evening. Vigilance is needed throughout the day. And this is especially true for intimate hygiene. Indeed, in our secret corners, where rarely get oxygen and ultraviolet light, usually quite Continue reading Denounce myths about intimate hygiene

Scent of a woman

scentFragrance, for which men are willing to go to the end of the world, is not a figment of the imagination of visionary young ladies! This treasure has each of us. And each can transform your personal scent in the bewitching fragrance of …

“And what they find? Not that beautiful, not particularly clever, do not know how to dress it, and men hovering around her like moths have candles. What’s her secret? “-probably for many of us, especially in times of solitude, sometimes envious look to its more popular among men and wonder-friend than I am worse? Continue reading Scent of a woman