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We sit on a diet … from dental caries

diet teethOn lists of “good” and “bad” foods we usually think when favorite dress strongly hints at an increase in weight. Then, as interest in descending order followed by products to improve skin condition, behind them-to increase stress resistance. But the first impression about a person can be compiled by the smile, our “business card”. And pay attention to the proper products for dental health is worth not less than dietary spring menu. (more…)

The main aspects of a healthy lifestyle

Now often and enthusiastically talk about healthy lifestyle, but what is it really? In general, it is more than a certain diet and regular exercise. Include healthy lifestyle that allows you to truly enjoy life and do it as soon as possible saturated. It is a way of life, so you feel comfortable in the physical, psychological and social sense. Finally, it is a way of life that allows you to stay active person as long as possible – ideally, to the very end of life. (more…)