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Breast reduction: problem reverse

b rReduce breast much harder than increase. This is explained by the fact that damage to the delicate breast tissue, which can cause various complications, the most severe of which is the death of tissue (necrosis). But sometimes this surgery is required the woman to his health. Continue reading Breast reduction: problem reverse

Body rash: causes

Rash on the body can be the appearance of the skin or allergic disease, a common infectious disease, chronic diseases of various organs and systems. It may be the result of some external influence the environment and so on. In each case, before you start to treat the rash, you want to figure out why she appeared. Continue reading Body rash: causes

Multicolored Zoster: symptoms and treatment

Multicolored Zoster is a common fungal infection of the skin. The fungus disrupts the normal pigmentation of the skin, causing the appearance of small sites with declarations. This disease is most common in teenagers and young people up to 30 years. Continue reading Multicolored Zoster: symptoms and treatment