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Especially during the critical days of sex

sexSex during menstruation can be described by the proverb “the forbidden fruit is sweet.” This is particularly the case in men. Women are attracted by rumors that during such sexual intercourse near impossible to get pregnant. But you cannot say that this feature is applied to all people. Most frustrating to have sex during menstruation only for aesthetic reasons. Many women disdain, and not all men think it’s hygienic. Continue reading Especially during the critical days of sex

Entertaining contraception

enjoyIt turns out, planning the birth of children, there have been many millennia ago.

Egyptians used crocodile dung as a contraceptive (and help!), Roman hetaera-gold rings, and a lover of all time next to preserve beloved preferred Casanova from unwanted offspring of lemon rind. The Indians were forced to chew some of Squaw with parsley and most naïve of our great-grandmothers-slavanok firmly believed: after the carnal appetites of three times to spit in the mouth of the frog-and conception Continue reading Entertaining contraception

Intrauterine device-how to avoid complications?

Intrauterine contraceptive method is designed for entering into the woman’s uterus. It prevents movement of sperm into the uterine cavity, reduces the operating life of the egg cells, prevents the attachment of egg to the uterine wall . Intrauterine device also called a means of intrauterine contraception. Continue reading Intrauterine device-how to avoid complications?