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Legs under the supervision

legs_supervision-1That’s out of time of colorful sundresses, summer heat and the summer. Another week or two of summer literally “Indian” and the autumn will appear before us in all its glory: with listopadami and rain, warm boots and coats.
Late autumn is the perfect time to take care of the health and beauty of your legs. First, under tights or pants will not be visible traces of treatment, and secondly, for the new year holidays, your feet will look perfect, and you’re going to look at all 100, to spite (more…)

Named after Miss artificial body»

miss“Miss artificial body of Hungary-22-year-old Urban River (Reka Urban) believes that plastic surgery can look” beautifully and naturally. Winner of an unusual beauty contest, which was held in Budapest, went under the knife three times: she had breasts, facelifts and nose shape. Growth 175 cm girl weighs 47 kg. The Queen of plastic surgery has 18 contestants, who also laid claim to the Honorable (or humiliating) title. By the way, to the rank of a flat in the Centre of Budapest. (more…)

The stars advise: do your feet!

beauty feetStars often show off their beautiful legs, strolling around on the red carpet in a short seductive outfits. But to make it than boast, they have put a lot of effort. Celebrity address several problems at once: cellulite, flabby muscles, skinny or plump calves. What this means for use star and one of the most beautiful legs? (more…)

Breast reduction: problem reverse

b rReduce breast much harder than increase. This is explained by the fact that damage to the delicate breast tissue, which can cause various complications, the most severe of which is the death of tissue (necrosis). But sometimes this surgery is required the woman to his health. (more…)

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