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How to recognize varicose veins?

veinsTo the question “what is varicosity?” we usually answer, “Varices is swollen blue veins in the legs”. That is not quite true. Swollen vein-a sign that the disease is already in the running stage. However, in the initial stage of varices is almost unnoticeable, and only a doctor can recognize it memberships. But few people would go to a specialist, when external signs of impending trouble there. (more…)

ICP: things to know

icpIt’s hard to be a woman: on our share fell childbirth, cellulite,
the need to be perfect 12:0 am a day, but perhaps this is not the most
the scary part. Once a month a woman come by uninvited guests-the menstruation, and to
Some have PMS, or
premenstrual syndrome. At this time, the beautiful half of humanity then obsessively (more…)

No surprises: signs of pregnancy

pregJust all of a sudden in the middle of summer to want pickles as
instantly the head creeps into the thought: “what if I’m pregnant?”. For someone
It can be a life-long happiness, and for someone not quite welcome

Of course, one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy
-absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test. However, do not
everything is so simple, why else then held many complex analyses? (more…)

What is in the natural cosmetics?

From ancient times, people have tried to study nature, to use this knowledge to maintain health and beauty. Use makeup, comprising natural and the most effective components of plant and mineral origin. Allantoin – a natural compound found in the roots of comfrey. Allantoin eliminates peeling, enhances the regeneration of the skin, is a moisturizing ingredient. Aloe – known moisturizer, improves circulation, has anti-inflammatory, soothes and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. It has a cleansing, refreshing effect. It is composed of the minerals that the skin loses as a result of stress, aloe helps their recovery. Chinese Angelica (Angelica or Angelica) – contains an essential oil, the main component of (more…)

Skin care and body as an independent body for

I f treat skin as a body, then it is possible to allocate main function – to protect the body. Connective tissue provides strength, elasticity and skin, providing mechanical protection for the body. Connective tissue is composed mainly of childhood and adolescence kallogenaV collagen produced high-quality, age, under stress, collagen is growing. But it is an inert collagen, which forms a long thick bundles that give wrinkles and skin diseases. Nutrition and hydration of the skin deteriorates, it can not perform its function and begins to age. And even more interesting. Your old and defective beams are activated in an acidic environment. And if you engage in breathing exercises (I’ll write a page on the (more…)