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Season update: body wraps for weight loss

weightDreaming of sunny beaches and already go through choosing the most fashionable swimwear? And what about with shape? During the winter a lot of girls are overweight, but with the arrival of spring would have to discard bulky camouflage in the form of stretched down-padded coats and sweaters. So start preparing for the season of mini-skirts and sexy studs right now, good time you still abound! Continue reading Season update: body wraps for weight loss

Deep depilation: minimize all risks

To deep depilation is usually resorting in cases when it is necessary to put in order the Bikini zone. Actually, the difference between hair removal depilatory is that first involves removal of the hair shaft, which is above the surface of the skin, while the second focuses on the final cessation of hair growth and ensures the complete destruction of follicles. Professional Cosmeticians often explain to their customers: “Depilation is the removal of hair at a time as hair is forever.” Continue reading Deep depilation: minimize all risks