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Passion through veins

veinsMy feet-long headache. MOM, Dad, grandmother-what is anyone’s guess who “gave” me a beauty. The result is the same — in 27 years without a longing look at his feet could not. And the long-awaited pregnancy and childbirth is clearly not improved their appearance.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, I am an impartial look at your feet and finally decided to go to flebologu.

And here I had a question: where, exactly, to go, who to contact? The assistants I had Internet. Has set its objectives: (more…)

Today it is fashionable to be healthy!

fashionThe only tricks don’t come we modern women to look their best! Solarium, beautician, sauna, spa treatments, fancy diets-our services all the novelties of the beauty industry! But look a woman and be it is not at all the same thing. Not if we are missing something important in the pursuit of external signs of health?

Do you remember the old ditty: “what, what, what made our girls?” what are we, the modern women? I would like to say: “Of your beauty and health, love and happiness, holidays and sea, the mindset of the loved one.” (more…)

No surprises: signs of pregnancy

pregJust all of a sudden in the middle of summer to want pickles as
instantly the head creeps into the thought: “what if I’m pregnant?”. For someone
It can be a life-long happiness, and for someone not quite welcome

Of course, one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy
-absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test. However, do not
everything is so simple, why else then held many complex analyses? (more…)

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