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Goiter: cause or consequence?

painIt happens that the natural balance of microorganisms is broken: vary their quantitative and qualitative composition. There are a variety of reasons, that can lead to a failure, for example, the banal overeating or emotionally intense day. But in a healthy body, it is very short: fails even after such a “radical” procedure, as colon hydrotherapy, initial microbial landscape restored for a few hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
But here’s the body, weakened by constant stress, unhealthy diet or trendy diets, uncontrolled self-medicate, especially with the use of antibiotics, are unable to keep their little helpers, and those start to perish. A holy place, as it is known, is never empty! And released “living space” are fungi and bacteria. Continue reading Goiter: cause or consequence?

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Predmenstrual′noe dysphoric disorder (PRD) is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). About 75% of women of childbearing age are prone to PMS. Approximately 2-10% of them suffer the PRD.

Premenstrual syndrome-predmenstrual′noe dysphoric disorder

sadness, hopelessness, Continue reading Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome