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We sit on a diet … from dental caries

diet teethOn lists of “good” and “bad” foods we usually think when favorite dress strongly hints at an increase in weight. Then, as interest in descending order followed by products to improve skin condition, behind them-to increase stress resistance. But the first impression about a person can be compiled by the smile, our “business card”. And pay attention to the proper products for dental health is worth not less than dietary spring menu. (more…)

Believable teeth at home

teeth 1Dream of a dazzling white smile? To whiten your teeth, not necessarily immediately sent to the dentist: fix darkening enamels you can at home with easy-to-use and affordable means. What is read in our material!

Lighten your teeth by using toothpaste with whitening active components: it can be abrasive particles or chemicals. The first act like skrabu: they remove plaque, yellowness and darkening due to mechanical influence. As for the toothpaste with the content of chemical components, its working principle is obvious from the title: enamel bleaching occurs as a result of the reaction. This way of whitening is less: wait for visible effect would have to be not less than 2 weeks. (more…)

Beautiful teeth-more often visit the dentist

Charming smiles of the winners of our admiration and sympathy. Our smile is especially convincing, if not just straight teeth, but white and groomed. Unfortunately, perfect dentition can boast not every woman.

We are all well aware of the need to visit the dentist at least twice a year. However, this is not possible-yesterday, we were too busy, no time to us today, and tomorrow of painted on minutes. As a result, we get into the dentist only when needed urgent (sometimes surgical) intervention. Fortunately, there (more…)

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