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Legs under the supervision

legs_supervision-1That’s out of time of colorful sundresses, summer heat and the summer. Another week or two of summer literally “Indian” and the autumn will appear before us in all its glory: with listopadami and rain, warm boots and coats.
Late autumn is the perfect time to take care of the health and beauty of your legs. First, under tights or pants will not be visible traces of treatment, and secondly, for the new year holidays, your feet will look perfect, and you’re going to look at all 100, to spite Continue reading Legs under the supervision

A good balanced diet

balanced dietA good balanced diet can greatly facilitate the course of the disease. About diet in bronchial asthma are discussed in this section because most practitioners rely in his treatment of it. First of all, provided sufficient calorie and easy digestibility of diet the patient must assume daily consumption of vegetables, fruits, products from various grains, beans, lean meat and fish. Use canned, smoked products, sauerkraut, tomatoes, Continue reading A good balanced diet

Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth

Today beauty salons is a relatively new procedure – Microcurrent therapy, which is advertised as an excellent remedy against skin ageing. Let’s see, what is the point of this method, is he really so effective and what other diseases it can be treated.

What is microcurrents and how they impact on human body Continue reading Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth