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From the hip: a diet for the beach season

beautyIf you meet a woman who insists that it is not worried about the size of their thighs, you met a liar. Or young lady who argued that makes it look like she don’t care why they polneut sacred, even when I’m sitting on a diet? “or” Oh my God, they’re so fat! “. In fact, the hip really fatty (although obidnost′ formulations, different is not true). A Priori. As nature intended. And all these ploskopopye model and uzkobedrye beauty is nothing more than the result of a genetic mutation, a rare error in calculations of the creator and the evolutionary degradation. (more…)

Fruit: you need cardio ultrasound examination

cardioIn the mid-19th century Austrian physicist and astronomer I. Doppler effect changes opened the oscillation frequency waves by driving their source and observer relative to each other. The Doppler effect is used today for investigation of utero-placental blood flow, to the fetus receives nutrients (more…)

Breast reduction: problem reverse

b rReduce breast much harder than increase. This is explained by the fact that damage to the delicate breast tissue, which can cause various complications, the most severe of which is the death of tissue (necrosis). But sometimes this surgery is required the woman to his health. (more…)

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