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Breast reduction: problem reverse

b rReduce breast much harder than increase. This is explained by the fact that damage to the delicate breast tissue, which can cause various complications, the most severe of which is the death of tissue (necrosis). But sometimes this surgery is required the woman to his health. Continue reading Breast reduction: problem reverse

Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Dodge is the process of removing the hair pigment, natural or not, no matter what product you use. Any tool that makes the hair at least four tones lighter removes pigments and thus lightening always leads to hair damage. The degree of damage depends on the quality of the used equipment and condition hair to lighten. Continue reading Hair-lightening procedure & damages

The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Greasy hair is not so bad, but they require special care, without which not only the hair, but the whole look of the person acquires the features of slovenliness and remains. As always, increased oiliness of the hair (and everything that has to do with skin) depends on the State of the human endocrine system. Continue reading The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Every woman wants to look at all times and please men irresistible, but do not always have the time for it. The modern pace of life sometimes gives us a breath in the Chase for a career, luck and a lot of money. However, to achieve the desired tops for women (and men too) you must always look perfect, or at least closely monitor their looks. There are still on the dress.

What are the simple rules for taking care of themselves, which do not require too much time and money? Continue reading Pretty face/makeup-face care rules

Extra protection for delicate skin

The first month at home with the kid filled with tenderness, joy and care. This time could be even more beautiful and happier, if not for the pelenochny dermatitis. Unfortunately, dermatitis-nuisance that gets both the baby and his young mother. Baby soft skin gets used to the new environment, it is a little too thin and permeable, too easily accepts and gives warmth and moisture. Enough creases on clothes to Continue reading Extra protection for delicate skin