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The gold standard

goldIn our time, in an era of increasing specialization of doctors, each specialist tries to find “their” pathology. The consequence of this approach?

Doctor sighting explores the body that hurts. And if detected, standardized treatment schedules, almost without regard to other health problems, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Patient direct from one specialist to another specialist, appointed all new and new research, medical card-cluttered diagnoses, and a person often becomes worse … Precious time is lost, and the disease is becoming more severe. This pattern is familiar to many. Continue reading The gold standard

Toxemia-deliverance may

toxFirst mention of toxemia as illness common in Paracelsus (16th century), which could distinguish the disease from external and internal poisons. Further examination of the toxicosis began only after three hundred years, in the middle of the nineteenth century. But so far we cannot say that all the mechanisms of the State. Continue reading Toxemia-deliverance may