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Between us girls! How to improve the State of health these days?

1Start preparing for feast should be for a day or two: adhere to the dietary regimen, to refrain from even soft drinks, eating more fruits and vegetables is to strengthen the body and prepare it to stress (which becomes for him a festive party with uncontrollable ob″edaniem and uncontrolled use of liqueurs, wines and vodkas). Continue reading Between us girls! How to improve the State of health these days?

Expert: Ellen Ferbeek on how to start your day

yoga2Start the clock at 20 minutes earlier than usual
Yes, it sounds weird. But just believe me: these 20 minutes required to care for themselves, will pay off in full.

Propolosi mouth butter Continue reading Expert: Ellen Ferbeek on how to start your day

Rise from the dead

riseAfter the holidays it is necessary to arrange not only housekeeping in your apartment. But in the body.

On the morning of the first of January, mirror your main enemy. The second number you can admire over one eye. In the following days, gather your strength in a fist and view all carefully. What do you see? Herring under a fur coat, cream cakes and a couple of litres of champagne? Continue reading Rise from the dead

Summer diet: lose weight easily!

summerThe counters of markets and bazaars first spring fruits and vegetables, and that means it’s time to change your diet and get ready to fly!
Time is not much, but you still have time to lose weight and secure a result if use this diet right tomorrow. No, today!

Is summer diet only for a week, and lose some weight using this summer diet can be up to 5-7 lbs for days. The main secret that will help you not to get lost weight after the diet, and maybe even lose a few kg is refusing food for 5-7 hours before sleep. In this mode, the last month, and the results will not keep you waiting: need to change wardrobe! Per month your body will adapt to the new weight, and even if you’re not going to go back to the Continue reading Summer diet: lose weight easily!