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Cosmetic correction of cellulite

Women are ready for more in order to get rid of cellulite-but just don’t work out. We are accustomed to rely on magical massage pill: ate-and cellulite no matter how it happened. Advertising miracle anti-cellulite means you can meet almost any glossy magazine, where you’ll also find tips the stars quickly and effortlessly lifted out forever from this annoying defect. But whether this (more…)

Hyperpigmentation (Chloasma): problem and treatment

Sunburn or ageing is not the only cause of obscure dark spots on the skin. Less known, but no less common reason of these skin problems – hyperpigmentation.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation-skin condition in which the individual areas become noticeably darker in color than the surrounding areas. Typically, these dark spots appear on the face, arms, shoulders, and neck. The most common (more…)

Skin Cancer:Basalioma

Basalioma (syn. basal cell carcinoma) – the most common malignant epithelial tumor of the skin (up to 75% of all skin cancers), consisting of bazaloidnyh cells. Characterized by locally destruiruyuschim growth spreads extremely aggressively redko.Bolee occurs in immunosuppressive patients, usually develops after age 40, most often between the ages of 60-70 years. In 80% of the (more…)

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