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Cosmetics & sports: modern technology

The question whether to use makeup during sports, for many years, causing heated debate. Women-makeup supporters argue that, because they are better with make up look, and feel better, therefore making better results. Opponents argue that the makeup makeup clogs the pores that cause pimples and skin irritation. (more…)

Mederma: education and the development of scar tissue

The development of scar tissue is complex and has yet to be fully studied process consisting of many parts, which include physiological, biochemical and cellular reactions. To a scar formed correctly, use special medicines.

How is scar formation

On the skin at the site of the wound or any other damage (e.g., after junior eels) starts to grow the connective tissue with elastic fibers, which closes the defect (tripe). (more…)

Training in make-up-be careful with makeup

The makeup is to emphasize the dignity and the natural beauty of the person, and not create a semblance of masks, so before applying makeup it is advisable to take care of your skin and overall health. Management of a balanced diet, proper rest and regular exercise will turn you into a beauty far faster than any cosmetics. (more…)