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Toxemia-deliverance may

toxFirst mention of toxemia as illness common in Paracelsus (16th century), which could distinguish the disease from external and internal poisons. Further examination of the toxicosis began only after three hundred years, in the middle of the nineteenth century. But so far we cannot say that all the mechanisms of the State. Continue reading Toxemia-deliverance may

Skin-protection against impacts

Rash on the skin of the face is most likely to occur in adolescence, when the defects in the face area are especially sharp, down to the violations of the psyche. To cope with this problem, you need to know how our skin and why at this age, she cannot cope with infection. Continue reading Skin-protection against impacts

Surprise all the new color of your eyes!

Summer … And want something new, something to change in yourself, in your face People with shining eyes that seem to exude light, were always considered to be the most healthy and spiritual. The infamous twinkle in India is an indication of the huge stock of even the vital energy. Rather than dimmer, the weaker eye and Continue reading Surprise all the new color of your eyes!