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Healthy skin-daily skin care program

skin sIn General, women are starting to take care of their skin when it’s too late. By the time you notice the first wrinkles, you will not be able to slow the aging process of the skin. Treat skin need to start as early as the teenage years, when finally determine its type, or even the twenty-odd and continue until such time as you can hold in your hands a bottle of tonic water or a tube of cream. Continue reading Healthy skin-daily skin care program

Cottage cheese diet – degree of comparison

Cottage cheese since ancient times decorated table Russian families and doctors claim that shouldn’t go in the centuries of historical distance, fobbing themselves let and deeply and widely, but foreign products that are foreign to us and digested. And we are glad-cottage cheese and it didn’t cost a penny, is a precious body calcium and is the most protein Continue reading Cottage cheese diet – degree of comparison

Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Dodge is the process of removing the hair pigment, natural or not, no matter what product you use. Any tool that makes the hair at least four tones lighter removes pigments and thus lightening always leads to hair damage. The degree of damage depends on the quality of the used equipment and condition hair to lighten. Continue reading Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Can you live with oily skin

Oily skin is always delivered to its owners many troubles and experiences. This is not surprising: persistent greasy shine, enlarged pores, pimples and Acne can make the unbearable the life of any person. However, humanity has already long ago does not go to the nature. Over the course of several thousand years people successfully do battle with his fault. The long history of this confrontation has accumulated a vast amount of tools and tricks that help owners of oily skin look beautiful and elegant. But in order to get a good result, you need to uncompromisingly Continue reading Can you live with oily skin

Differences from the Finnish saunas and infrared sauna

Finnish saunas are pretty entrenched in the daily lives of our average compatriot and has long ceased to be exotic. What is still not the case with infrared saunas. Some of the dikovinke even heard. Really, what is it and what is the difference between infrared saunas from “traditional” Finnish saunas? Infrared sauna is a small booth, maximum dimensions of which do not exceed 1.2 meters long by 2.2 metres wide and 1.9 meters in height. Such parameters provide effective heating of the compact and high efficiency infra-red cabins. As you may have guessed, the source of heat is infrared emitters located at the legs, torso, and in the corners of the cabin. Continue reading Differences from the Finnish saunas and infrared sauna