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Fitness on the beach

beachThe biggest summer injustice: the long-awaited vacation, women are gaining weight, which so painfully separated for several months. Fully relaxed, we forget about diet and nutrition, and most of the time spend in the sun loungers by the pool. That impression is held not to overshadow not leave  at waist trousers, you can spend time not only with pleasure, but also to good use. Follow our instructions.
1. Go on foot. Always and everywhere! The walking helps keep the legs and buttocks-slim, toned. Keep your back straight, your Chin slightly lift up the leg (more…)

Slim waist for 15 minutes a day!

slimThere are three main types of female figures: the so called Apple, pear and hourglass. The ideal of beauty embodies the last: when the volume of breasts and hips approximately the same, and the waist measurement is equal to 70% of the volume of hips. These proportions always look harmoniously looks, even when outside the notorious 90-60-90. (more…)

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