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The waxing of hands: remove excess vegetation

Removal of superfluous hair waxing is popular and popular procedure in beauty salons. The waxing of hands is the greatest demand in summer, because the clothes don’t hide the open aesthetic drawbacks as a superfluous hairs. The waxing of hands are equally in demand by both women and men. And if women don’t like the existence of extra hair on your hands, the man with the hand can achieve smaller, their thinning hair growth and as a result, at least their visibility. (more…)

Problem perspiration: help care and hair removal

As soon as the hot season is coming, and in women and in men raises the same problem – excessive sweating. Underarm odor, circles are certainly not too appealing, however, and you can deal with such a problem. (more…)

Homemade baths for hands and nails

As you know the age of the woman, first of all, give a hand. This and spots, and wrinkles. So it is for the hands have to watch carefully, but we often forget. Usually on the hands we think less of everything, and if you start to think, then much later than it should be, because the skin on the hands is aging faster than the rest. (more…)

Problem-solving skin problems!

Hot infusion of hypericum, calendula, burdock root, dandelion leaves, birch leaves to slightly watery gruel;

This slurry was put on a cleansed face gently rubbing in a circular motion with your fingers (except the eyes and mouth, which is better to put nourishing cream) to a burning sensation. When mask is dry, soft, damp sponge or cotton wool unmask (wetting it and spolaskivaya in warm (more…)

Treat cellulite at home

Currently, more and more women are faced with this problem. It keeps us free to feel on the beach, a sauna and even in bed with her beloved. Let us order’s see, what is “this evil cellulite, and how to combat it.

Cellulite – structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer, leading to microcirculatory disturbances and lymphatic drainage. It is a kind of stagnation in the adipose tissue, leading to its degeneration. (more…)

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