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Proceed to water procedures

waterWaking up in the morning in the winter, it is hard to believe that just a few months ago the bright sun was shining, the birds were twittering and generated summer breeze. Remember the summer will help with an invigorating shower gel fruit or citrus flavor, especially since it is the aromas of the new year! It is proved that, when we inhale the refreshing citrus scents, in the brain is a chain of positive impulses that words can be expressed like this: we were cheerful and Merry! Continue reading Proceed to water procedures

Water from swimming pools may cause cancer

dirtySpanish epidemiologists studied the effects of carcinogens chlorinated water on human health. The scientists conducted a special study, which found that the trihalomethanes that are a byproduct of chlorinated water, can increase the risk of bladder cancer. Continue reading Water from swimming pools may cause cancer

How to lose weight using water?

waterWater is one of the main assistants in the fight against obesity, as it helps excrete harmful substances and products. Use a small amount of fluid causes problems with digestion, which can easily be prevented, just drinking to much water. Continue reading How to lose weight using water?

Dry skin-ways to protect your skin

dryWater makes up about 60% of the body. It is not only a key component of blood and other body fluids, but is retained in all tissues. The cytoplasm of the cells and cell walls contain an enormous amount of water. The skin acts as a water tank, but nevertheless often becomes dry and peels off. What is the reason? Continue reading Dry skin-ways to protect your skin

Liquid diet: can lead to adverse events

The human body is the 2/3 consists of water, that is why it is difficult to overstate the importance of correct drinking regime. Liquid diet is based on the principle that the fluid is the same food, and adequate intake it provides not only the loss of the extra pounds, but also heals it, eliminates signs of dehydration. Liquid diet appeared twenty years ago in America, and gradually spread worldwide through both active followers and ardent opponents. Continue reading Liquid diet: can lead to adverse events