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Ear surgery, its types, indications and contraindications

Ugly ears often cause chronic stress and even cause a change of character. Therefore, if your ears really spoil the appearance, it makes sense to turn to a plastic surgeon. But the point is that sometimes the ears have a very normal kind of person, and for some reason it seems like they’re just terrible. A plastic surgeon will help here: it will tell and show you examples of what the ear indeed require correction. (more…)

Follicular ovarian cyst-symptoms and treatment

Follicular cysts are formed from the follicles. During each normal menstrual cycle, which does not have an impact, for example, by using a hormonal contraceptive pills, in one of the one of the ovarian follicles mature oocyte. If everything goes right, at some point, the follicle ruptures, releasing the egg, which descends the uterine tube into the uterus. (more…)