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Manual or machine cleaning of the face-which is better?

It’s no secret that beauty and health few people go “just like that”: you need to constantly fight for them. That’s just fighting this sometimes turns into a real war where all the tools are good, but the result is not measured by the number of new fans, and the amount spent on “aprgejd,” a favorite of money.

They say, let it be as it is, I imagine, and it likes me. Others seek to try all cosmetic novelties, transfer all possible and impossible, useful and downright harmful procedures. (more…)

Problem perspiration: help care and hair removal

As soon as the hot season is coming, and in women and in men raises the same problem – excessive sweating. Underarm odor, circles are certainly not too appealing, however, and you can deal with such a problem. (more…)

Mikrosporia-fungus disease skin and hair

Before mikrosporia was called ringworm. Exciter mikrosporia was first described in the mid-19th century it was discovered on the surface of infected by fungus hair skin that consists of small, mosaic spread spores. Later were found and other types of fungi that cause mikrosporia. (more…)

Skin-protection against impacts

Rash on the skin of the face is most likely to occur in adolescence, when the defects in the face area are especially sharp, down to the violations of the psyche. To cope with this problem, you need to know how our skin and why at this age, she cannot cope with infection. (more…)

Extra protection for delicate skin

The first month at home with the kid filled with tenderness, joy and care. This time could be even more beautiful and happier, if not for the pelenochny dermatitis. Unfortunately, dermatitis-nuisance that gets both the baby and his young mother. Baby soft skin gets used to the new environment, it is a little too thin and permeable, too easily accepts and gives warmth and moisture. Enough creases on clothes to (more…)

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