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Whitening creams are unsafe

creamBritish doctors have confirmed that some whitening creams affect hormones in a woman’s body. The female patient, unsuspecting about side effects, use these creams for several years before they learn what harm their health. Hormonal imbalance, the inability to become pregnant, urolithiasis-this is not a complete list of possible complications. (more…)

Effective treatment of cystitis

cytisisCystitis “title =” effective treatment of cystitis “class =” imagecache imagecache-body-150 x 150/> “according to statistics, every second woman at least once in a lifetime experience with symptoms of cystitis, which usually manifest themselves in the form of frequent painful urination, lower abdominal pain, pain and burning sensations. In some cases these are added fever and nausea. (more…)

ICP: things to know

icpIt’s hard to be a woman: on our share fell childbirth, cellulite,
the need to be perfect 12:0 am a day, but perhaps this is not the most
the scary part. Once a month a woman come by uninvited guests-the menstruation, and to
Some have PMS, or
premenstrual syndrome. At this time, the beautiful half of humanity then obsessively (more…)

Attention! The first signs of breast cancer!

BCWhy mammary gland in female body is susceptible to malignant processes? After all, bad ecology, stress affect all our body. The fact of the matter is that the chest is the female organ in your body gormonozawisimy. While the hormonal status affects everything: magnetic (more…)

The fashion for health: how to harmonize the mineral balance

skin balMagnesium balance: important facts

Today, young people, and young ladies with concerns about preservation of youth and beauty, buy the annual cards fitness centers, know how to count calories, know the basics of building a (more…)

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