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Eat right: in every age its secrets

calPower system may not be the same in 20 and 30 years. You are changing, and your diet should change together with you. It is known that every 10 years the metabolic processes are slowed down to 2% and bring with them a whopping 2 extra pounds! To every birthday brought only joy, not the extra centimetres to waist, you need to reduce your calorie intake for the same 2%. Let’s say your daily diet-2500 kcal, 2% of that $ 50 kcal-a little more than a teaspoon of butter. Admit it, it’s not the price for harmony! (more…)

Created by tightening the “bra-invisible man

bfIf you are not happy with the shape of their breasts, tired of wearing firming bra while doing plastic surgery does not dare, you may want to consider a different variant of the bust. Israeli researchers suggest women wear ‘ bra-the invisible man, “which is implanted just under the skin. (more…)

Magnesium-your magic talisman of beauty and health

magnesiumAll are happy about the long-awaited warmth and you feel gloomy autumn? Not
You can warm up even under the hot sun, and not
I mean why in the mirror
pale tired woman who is considerably older than you? Everyone is talking about
that you lack magnesium-this little known character
vitamin-mineral is essential for the normal functioning of the ABC in the body (more…)

No surprises: signs of pregnancy

pregJust all of a sudden in the middle of summer to want pickles as
instantly the head creeps into the thought: “what if I’m pregnant?”. For someone
It can be a life-long happiness, and for someone not quite welcome

Of course, one of the most reliable signs of pregnancy
-absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test. However, do not
everything is so simple, why else then held many complex analyses? (more…)

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