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The secrets of beautiful skin

b tHave a beautiful healthy skin dreams of everyone, but in order to achieve a positive result, need somewhere to work somewhere and restrain their addiction. What can help you on the path to success? Continue reading The secrets of beautiful skin

Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Dodge is the process of removing the hair pigment, natural or not, no matter what product you use. Any tool that makes the hair at least four tones lighter removes pigments and thus lightening always leads to hair damage. The degree of damage depends on the quality of the used equipment and condition hair to lighten. Continue reading Hair-lightening procedure & damages

Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Accumulation of dead skin cells can cause some very unfortunate problems-from dry to weedy pores and dull, unhealthy looking skin. Removing the layer of dead cells every day helps stimulate skin renewal process, thanks to which it looks soft, healthy and radiant. Dry brush exfoliation is the easiest and cheapest method to remove the dead skin layer, which can be effectively and quickly get rid of dead skin cells. Continue reading Soft, beautiful skin, dry brush exfoliation

Can you live with oily skin

Oily skin is always delivered to its owners many troubles and experiences. This is not surprising: persistent greasy shine, enlarged pores, pimples and Acne can make the unbearable the life of any person. However, humanity has already long ago does not go to the nature. Over the course of several thousand years people successfully do battle with his fault. The long history of this confrontation has accumulated a vast amount of tools and tricks that help owners of oily skin look beautiful and elegant. But in order to get a good result, you need to uncompromisingly Continue reading Can you live with oily skin

Extra protection for delicate skin

The first month at home with the kid filled with tenderness, joy and care. This time could be even more beautiful and happier, if not for the pelenochny dermatitis. Unfortunately, dermatitis-nuisance that gets both the baby and his young mother. Baby soft skin gets used to the new environment, it is a little too thin and permeable, too easily accepts and gives warmth and moisture. Enough creases on clothes to Continue reading Extra protection for delicate skin