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4 diamond rules how to keep skin young

how-to-stay-young1. The most important to your skin was always taut and not so quickly was covered with wrinkles is to maintain a stable weight. Here the main will not lose to the incomprehensible standards, namely, the maintenance of a stable weight, whatever it may be. Weight directly affects the condition of your skin, because of his constant changes that stretch the skin, then make her shrink, and over time, it begins to lose its elasticity, resulting in a huge number of wrinkles. Of course, the best way to achieve the correct weight and maintain it at all times. Overweight enough to affect health, so you need to just reduce the amount of food eaten, to find in life positive emotions, and your weight has stabilized, and no diets, dispose of this stress. Continue reading 4 diamond rules how to keep skin young

Saltwater fish: anti-aging secret Julia Roberts

salt fishPretty woman Julia Roberts, even getting into the lens of the paparazzi without makeup, does not give rise to speak about his own appearance. On the contrary, the tabloids often lead 45-year-old actress in the example of her younger colleagues. Continue reading Saltwater fish: anti-aging secret Julia Roberts