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Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Found the recipe for the elixir of youth

Eat sunflower seeds

Today on the shelves a huge variety of snacks. Recommend that you leave the bag of chips for enemies and themselves take the pumpkin seeds. They contain substances that make skin elastic, prevent the emergence of black spots, improve the condition of hair and nails. Eat on handfuls of seeds per day and you verify their effectiveness. (more…)

Anti-aging therapy: eternal youth and beauty return

The problem of premature aging of interested people from time immemorial. Particularly relevant it is today, because modern technology and products already allow at least visually rejuvenated appearance. In the West, there were various types of therapies, one of which – the anti-aging promises eternal youth and beauty return. (more…)

Fractional skin resurfacing

“In your face, girlfriend, two grinder-beetle 100 have drawn two circles” – these poems by Daniil Kharms I often thought of when coming to the mirror. 100 – not 100, but a few marks time in my 35 + from a figured: provide a “crow’s feet, transverse forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds. “It is time to erase it all and return a smooth (more…)