Talk about delicate? How to protect your health in the fall

delicateOff season and the autumn-winter period brought us a lot of trouble with health. And it’s not just about SARS and flu, flue, depression, but also about such unpleasant disease as cystitis. Talk about that, unlike ordinary colds, is discussed only between us girls?

Cystitis affects men, but for women, because of their anatomical aptitudes, suffer from this ailment. According to statistics, 40% of the inhabitants of our country at least once subjected to insidious disease.

Exacerbation of the disease outbreak and traditionally falls on the cold time of the year. Enough to get dressed for the weather, not to wet my feet freeze or sit in a draught to give cistitu cards in the hand. The infectious process is dangerous to health, not to mention the delicate discomfort, think, and may not be explained.

Anesthetic, like any disease, requires a proper approach to treatment. We hope our information will help you learn the enemy in the face and decide against it.

The first and most important rule-daily intimate hygiene observance, including the use of special cosmetics for sensitive hygiene, which did not dry up mucous. The second is protection against hypothermia. Dress warmly, in accordance with the weather outside the window, do not sit on the cold surface. Third, all the recommended healthy lifestyle: a love of physical activity, healthy eating, no bad habits. And don’t forget about the meaning of “Monurel′” for the prevention of recurrence or cupping for early cystitis-let this tool will always be at your fingertips, especially in the off-season.

We only have to recall that any disturbing symptoms you should seek medical advice and coordinate their treatment. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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