Technology and the use of abdominal massage

Slender body, pure elastic skin – the first signs of a healthy body. Beautiful well-groomed lady never be forgotten of the opposite sex, and to look younger, sometimes you just lead to normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, to lose weight and body fat. And to kill two birds with help efficient and therefore very popular today stomach massage.

Benefits of massage treatments stomach

The gastrointestinal tract directly affects the skin, hair, nails, man, and stomach problems often signal the presence of other serious disorders and diseases. That is why the intestines and stomach requires special attention and care, and there are not only good nutrition, vitamins and medications, and massage.

Abdominal massage is both cosmetic and therapeutic procedures, it prevents and even cures various diseases of the intestine, stomach, kidney, liver and pelvis. Without the use of drugs will relieve the patient’s therapist from constipation, diarrhea, gas formation. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate congestion of the gastrointestinal tract, prevent stone formation in the kidneys, gall bladder, normalize gastric juice. All this helps to cleanse the body, improving the skin, nails and hair. Long health and cosmetic effect belly massage allows you to assign it, not only for adults but also infants.

Abdomen – one of the most problematic areas of the female body in terms of cosmetics. Folds of fat on your stomach take the form of a crescent, and get rid of them do not help even a special exercise. To remove creases and an integrated approach to diet, nutrition and massage. Difficult of belly fat and is a massage therapist, it is very important to trust only an experienced, capable and competent to carry out the procedure does not cause internal damage.

Abdominal massage technique

Before you begin the massage, specialist training makes the body with the direction of lymph flow by rubbing and kneading techniques. They contribute to the breakdown of fat, tissue removal from the final products. Remove flatulence, make the procedure more comfortable massage technique helps “swing.” Running five or six times. Abdominal massage is divided into massage the abdominal wall, the solar plexus, the abdomen.

Massage abdominal wall starts with stroking. The patient lay on his back with your head elevated, the knees are placed roller. Stroking carried around, then clockwise to the navel, and then around the abdomen. Next, perform the grinding: peresekanie, hatching, cut. Masseur gradually stretches the abdomen, using the techniques of kneading and vibration.

Massage of the small intestine is reflexively stroking fingers, pressing his hand in a clockwise direction from right to left, the vibration with your fingertips around the abdomen. Movement massage colon start right iliac region over the right upper quadrant of the left iliac region and end the circular stroking. Solar plexus – the area between the navel and the mochevidny shoot. His massage is performed circular stroking, rubbing and intermittent vibration.

Prescribe and perform massage should only specialists. Contraindication for the procedure are bleeding, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the abdominal cavity, and any other sub-acute condition, pregnancy, hernia, menstruation. You can begin to massage after breakfast or loose after a half an hour after lunch. Duration of the procedure is about 15-20 minutes.

Diet and exercise to enhance the effect of the massage the abdomen, which in itself is very useful. Course of ten to fifteen sessions return figure slim and healthy skin elasticity and attractive. Prolong youth and beauty help experienced therapists, who know all the details of the procedure and the weaknesses of the human body.

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