The chest question: how to prevent cancer?

73234238__1In the world every three minutes a woman is diagnosed “breast cancer”. But this sad statistics can be reduced. All that you need to do is make a mammologist in list of doctors-dentist, gynecologist, to which we go to preventive examinations every year. Afraid to go to the reception? Or just not convinced that there is a need? We undertake to prove otherwise and dispel your fears.

A visit to the doctor-a mammologist begins with banal anamnesis: age, than ill than rooting relatives whether there are complaints and otherwise repetitive medical list.

The doctor then proceed directly to examination of mammary glands. Nothing too special. If you ventured on inspection at the “correct” gynaecologist, breast exam procedure you’ve experienced. However, up to 38% of the results of such clinics “passes hands” give an erroneous result. And all because trust their breasts should only professionals-mammologam.

By the way, the gynecologist will surely not telling you that you can chest to explore only on certain days of the menstrual cycle is between 5-12-14-th day. So come for a consultation to see a mammologist Aby when you fail. Before you make an appointment, sver′sâ with his date navigator.

Attention! Consultation examination provides an opportunity to detect breast tumors larger than 1 centimeter. What it is, without further Diagnostics you will not tell any doctor. And assumptions-sea: cyst, fibroadenoma and cancer.

Completing the examination, the doctor makes the plan for further diagnosis. If you came to accept for the first time, it makes sense to pass ultrasound mammary glands. Doctor’s consultation and ultrasound examination is required standard set of procedures for young ladies who have not attained the age of 35.

If both the first and the second did not reveal any abnormalities, you will be given an opinion on health and sent home, advised replicate survey a year later.
Ultrasonic examination of the breast is performed in exactly the same way as any other ultrasound. Chest cover special gel and lead it on an ultrasonic sensor. While on the monitor screen flickering black-and-white divorces, you’re lying and kovyraes′ look ceiling. Discomfort and unpleasant sensations zero, except that a little zakinutye asleep behind the head hands.

Attention! ULTRASOUND allows with 100% accuracy to detect breast cyst, 80% probability of identifying fibroadenoma and 60-70% of cancers.

If ULTRASOUND shows that not everything is in order, the patient shall appoint another study-a mammogram. In fact, mammograms do for women only after 35 years. This is due to the physiological features of the female breast, which consists of the so-called glandular tissue is dense and hard impervious to x-rays. For 35 years of glandular tissue replacement occurs in fibrous, and then carry out mammography becomes much more efficient. But in cases of emergency, in case pathological changes in the breast, mammograms are doing and more young girls. The benefit of modern equipment allows to obtain reliable results regardless of the age of the women.

Cabinet of mammography differs little from the cabinets where do chest x-rays. One caveat: to rentgenapparatu not prislonâeš′sâ back or sideways, and breasts. More precisely, a chest clamp between two transparent plates. The medical language that sounds like “light compression of mammary glands”. Note from experience: not very nice, but it is tolerable. Besides.

Attention! With mammography to detect cancers can be ten times out of ten. Including and especially more complex forms of disease-for example, when the tumor grows without the host and the time does not give itself felt. In this case, the examination and ULTRASOUND are ineffective

Consultation, ultrasound and mammography are the three pillars on which the diagnosis of breast health. However, sometimes it is necessary to connect the fourth China-biopsy.

But this is a serious procedure. When they find any breast tumor, to confirm, benign or not, are carrying out a biopsy. A small piece of the tumour receive using a special biopsijnoj needle and sent to study.
This procedure is carried out without anesthesia and even without anesthesia. However, as many of its survivors say, painful biopsy procedure is that “a modicum” nastier than blood from veins.

Besides a few minutes of discomfort is not much of a fee for termination agonies of suspense. And early diagnosis provides effective treatment. Long proven: when making a diagnosis at an early stage in 94% of cases of breast cancer can be cured. What to say then about other, less frightening diseases of mammary glands.

Attention! Biopsijna needling. Well it is all exactly as in the pharmacy. Possibility of diagnosis “cyst”-100% reliability, “fibroadenoma”-98%, cancer is 98%.

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