The disease of the century: food psychosis

dietDiet? Ineffective! Healthy food? These recommendations do not have any scientific proof. Advanced French psychiatrist Gerard Apfel′dorfer and physiotherapist Jean-Philippe Zermati, authors of the book “warning: Dietary dictatorship!”, “oppose obsession eat right.

Even the most balanced diet has no effect. Studies show that people lose weight for the first six months, and then gaining even more. Five years after moving to the “right” type of power supply 90% of the people are broken. Today we have a new portrait of patient-he suffers from this kind of neurosis. People constantly think about food, they are weighed, trying to put your food under total control, follow diets and then fall and become a compulsive eater. Some completely devastated by years of struggle, asking doctors to first alleviate their suffering associated with obsessive fixation on food, and then is to help maintain the existing weight!

Many people have already fallen victim to food of neurosis. And it’s not just about patients with anorexia or a compulsive eater. According to the results of an international study, nearly 40% of 11-year-old girls already were or would like to go on a diet. Watch out for a 70%: became the norm of the French admitted that “pay special attention” to their eating behavior. Changing disease of civilization: food anxiety replaces former sexy. Particular attention today focused on how we use food. Paradise is a beauty and thinness. Sin is forbidden by groceries. Absolute hell to be complete. No society has ever been full of people. Completeness is a lack of will power, flaw, raunch that represents you as a loser.

We live in a consumer society. We are forced to consume everything and more, sometimes podhlestyva our desires. We have it all, but nothing out of this, we really do not want to have. Starting with the food. Many patients complain that from thinking about eating nothing they can do during the day and at night, all the while experiencing the feeling of hunger. Food is a way to stay in and not be completely devastated. The modern consumer is between two fires: on the one hand, sophisticated consumer inducement, supported by advertising. And on the other hand, installing the right food, distributed by modern luminaries, and medical personnel. The people will go crazy.

Yes, today the obese suffer from 8-10% of the population (compared with 6% in 1990, 2002). Moreover, 30% of people are overweight. This problem needs to be addressed, but not in this way, as do the recent decade, flooding the stream of useless information. This only reinforces the anxiety and search for recipes.

Eat in a balanced way, regularly, avoid snacking… these dietary rules no pseudo-invaluable in terms of science, as it is good for society, not so good for the individual. The number of meals do not affect weight. We have 17 times a day, without exceeding the number of us eating, prefer good full breakfasts are hearty dinners, unabashedly chew chocolate. Should not be taboo in food. You can lose weight by continuing to eat sugar and fat … and. If you eat them when really hungry. It’s time to stop listening to the advice of so-called experts on nutrition of … This is a real cacophony: changing the rules of food each year, eventually they start to contradict, as discussed at the beginning. They say that you cannot mix cereal with fat, What to drink water and eat fruit separately from the main meal, that one should eat more raw vegetables … And here’s the sausage, the most harmful, it would seem, eating, now rehabilitated and proclaimed the panacea for cardiovascular diseases …

On our relationship to food has always influenced culture, values, in which we were brought up, fashion. But in this case we ate, relying on their feelings, without giving much thought to food. We were able to gorge, however staying slim: on Church traditions as either preceded or followed the feasts immediately behind them. We know how to listen to your body.

In the United States since 1850, was adopted many programs on proper nutrition. In a country with a high food culture mind should control the body. And today we see the results of this approach: despite many companies on losing weight, putting up ads on the overall utility of low-fat foods, obesity is developing actively. The more information we give people, the less they focus.

In the UK believe could not treat fat people that refuse to stick to your diet. Americans think about lowering taxes for those who signed up at the Sports Club. The Norwegians have already put a label on the label of the product that the product is useful or not.

The problem is that we eat without measure. But isn’t it still true the saying “forbidden fruit is sweet”? A great marketing ploy: the more harmful product, the more I want to eat it. 5-year-old American children couldn’t care less that there are products harmful to health … We are almost unable to accept their food by criminals.

What, then, can you advise people conscious about their health? When we want to sleep, we try to get some sleep. In order to quench your hunger is the same. We must stop, calm down, find a companion for lunch and choose those products that you think suit you right now. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you are full. Stop thinking head, tune in to your own feelings.

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  1. Thank you for this post, I got a lot out of reading, pondering… An integral view of consumerism, refreshing… Please check out, if you haven’t already (the homework!), breatharianism, inedia, bigu, pranic living. Apparently life, light!, does look after itself…yes it does! Namaste and thanks!

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