The gold standard

goldIn our time, in an era of increasing specialization of doctors, each specialist tries to find “their” pathology. The consequence of this approach?

Doctor sighting explores the body that hurts. And if detected, standardized treatment schedules, almost without regard to other health problems, and the individual characteristics of the organism. Patient direct from one specialist to another specialist, appointed all new and new research, medical card-cluttered diagnoses, and a person often becomes worse … Precious time is lost, and the disease is becoming more severe. This pattern is familiar to many.

A fundamentally different approach to the diagnosis of the human body as a single system. In the clinic of the first Moscow Institute of cybernetic medicine not only in domestic but also international practice a diagnostic tool which allows you to explore not only individual bodies, but also the whole body.

It is no secret that a failure of one organ leads to disorder in the work of the others, because they have to work with heavy loads. Often the foreground not the violations with which it all began, and their result. For example, a poorly functioning liver and heart ache, that when such a pathology will work in “emergency” mode and soon to be felt.
That is why, regardless of the patient’s complaints, as the primary survey is the complex of diagnostic measures to fully reflect all the processes occurring in the body.
The gold standard

It all begins with a medical examination, which are professionals of the highest level. ULTRASOUND is then “problem makers”, accurately defines the structural changes and their degree of severity.

Then the patient is invited to a specially equipped office where a diagnosis of cellular metabolism (DCM). This know-how, which has no analogues in the world-the patented design of the Moscow Institute of cybernetic medicine. For the first time in the history of medicine has the ability to produce non-contact evaluation of the functional State of the organism. Using the supersensitive sensor remotely read all information about the body. Less than an hour the doctor gets the full picture of the work of all internal organs and body systems. No radiation exposure, painless and safe for your health!
The gold standard

Electrocardiography in combination with kardiovizorom allows you to get a complete picture of the myocardium. General blood analysis, urinalysis and biochemical blood analysis help you see many pathological processes in the body, including the hidden flowing. Identification of infectious agents (bacteria and viruses) and a blood test for hepatitis b give information about the presence in the body of infections, which significantly affect the course of the disease, and sometimes are their cause. Blood tests for hormones allows you to assess the condition of the endocrine system. Spectral analysis of hair and/or nails reveals not only violations of mineral Exchange, but also to the presence in the body of toxic substances, including drugs.

The twelve steps-a series of diagnostic tests is not accidental. Fewer may not show the full picture of pathological processes, on the other hand, too much will give “information overload”, is too cumbersome for the adequate interpretation.

In General, the diagnosis is 3-3, 5:0, in our rhythm of life it saves time and effort. But more importantly, the doctor immediately gets all information about the health of the patient, allowing you to evaluate his status at this stage of development of the pathology.
After 10 days, when the results of all surveys will be ready after their careful examination the doctor invites the patient to repeat conversations and designate treatment, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the organism. Here there are no trifles, therefore assigned therapy takes into account all the nuances of the patient’s health. Two identical treatment schemes simply does not exist!
The gold standard

The clinic treat using all of the latest advances of modern medicine. There are and unique design, but this is subject of a separate and very interesting conversation. Such a system, a comprehensive survey has been in the clinic called “the gold standard of diagnosis”.

And it really is the standard to which we should aspire to all who truly value their health, wants to preserve the beauty and youth, extend your life and live it the way I want to, and not as dictated by the disease.

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