The problem of excess Sebaceous excretions-oily hair

Greasy hair is not so bad, but they require special care, without which not only the hair, but the whole look of the person acquires the features of slovenliness and remains. As always, increased oiliness of the hair (and everything that has to do with skin) depends on the State of the human endocrine system.

Why does hair become greasy

Greasy hair becomes oily scalp, i.e. when active funkcioniruû sebaceous glands. On the one hand the sebum covering the hair and protects it from external influences and creates an untidy and unsightly in appearance. (A) expressed violations of metabolic processes in the skin can lead to hair loss.

Improved oiling scalp skin may appear under different hormonal irregularities (in the blood too much male sex hormone testosterone), incorrect odd food with lots of spicy, fatty or sweet dishes (a skin condition at all closely related to the gastrointestinal tract), constant stress and sedentary lifestyle.

How to reduce the oiliness of the hair

First of all, it is necessary to observe the day, alternating loads with rest, a full night’s sleep is especially important. With enough quality sleep stress have less impact on the body.

You must also adjust the power. To the digestive tract to work properly, the food should be at least four times a day, and even better – 6 times in small portions. From diet to exclude all fat, spicy, salty, sweet, fancy bread, alcoholic beverages, strong tea and coffee.

And, of course, have to move more, the metabolism improves, so, and skin condition.

Very important is also the correct care for oily hair.

Rules of proper care for oily hair

Oily scalp don’t irritate and stimulate new servings of sebum. All manipulations must be carried out carefully and gently.

Wash oily hair should, to the extent of their pollution, that is, the first signs of fat content. It should rotate shampoo for oily hair (they regulate the activity of sebaceous glands) with special shampoos for frequent use (wash out hair and improves their appearance) – it will have the most beneficial effect on the hair. Particularly useful are the shampoos that include citrus, which contribute to the restoration of the sebaceous glands and remove superficial dead skin cells.

After washing your hair, you can rinse with an infusion of herbs (such as Chamomile, calendula, oak, plantain) or a solution of Apple Cider vinegar, adding his tablespoon per gallon of water.

Folk wisdom recommends that you wash your greasy hair mustard (tablespoon dry mustard diluted in cool water and add two quarts of hot water). After such washing head can be rinsed with water with cider vinegar or ammonia (teaspoon per liter of water).

You can also add a normal shampoo hair before washing two drops of tea tree oil. You then apply the shampoo on your hair, leave on for five minutes and then wash your hair as usual.

There are dry shampoo for hair, which are issued usually in aerosols. After applying the spray on hair it evenly through your hair, leave for a few minutes, then comb hair.

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