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legModern science Phlebology is one of the few developing quite rapidly. The phlebologists use modern and high-tech methods of diagnostics and treatment. But if a patient calls a doctor too late, even the best memberships will not be able to fully restore lost health. Do not run the disease: treatment effectiveness depends not only on the equipment, skills and experience of the doctor, but also from you.

Varices-many is a word familiar firsthand. Spider veins, varicose veins and the latent fear that “feet will have mothers and grandmothers” force us to pay a lot of attention to this problem and look for solutions.

Today we have the opportunity to see a doctor-flebologu to treatment and bring back the health and beauty of the feet. There are a lot of techniques (from non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques to laser surgery) to allow a complete treatment, and end up with a good and stable results. For the prevention of varicose veins are advised to wear special clothing. But few take into account the fact that the medicine is much harder to put the right diagnosis than a proper treatment. Based on the diagnosis, what selects the most efficient and sophisticated personalized treatment program. So the diagnostic phase errors can be costly to the patient. In the best case, they can take the treatment on the wrong path and undermine its results, and at worst cause complications of …

Knowing all this, patients often face a difficult choice: where to turn for professional help? We have to stop focusing on the specialized phlebologic clinic. Why? We have only a little bit of the complexities and peculiarities of diagnostics and treatment of varicose veins. This is a really serious problem, requiring thoughtful approach, detailed consideration. It was therefore only in the clinic, staffed by professionals, who devoted his entire professional life treating varicose veins, you can most likely expect to get really skilled and valuable assistance.
At a specialized clinic, there is no gap between a Diagnostician and treating flebologom. They work as a team, and what is involved in the diagnosis, which would have a positive effect on treatment outcomes. In turn, during the treatment, the same doctor-Diagnostician flebologu helps control the medical process.
Today the phlebologists use high-tech equipment. And this is especially true for diagnostic devices. Ultrasound duplex scanning capabilities have expanded significantly: the doctor can see the direction of blood flow, the valves in the veins, detect the presence of blood clots. Ultrasound scanners allow you to control the process of treatment, its effectiveness and the time to adjust the treatment regimen. But, of course, any State-of-the-art and expensive ultrasound machine is just a heap of metal and chips unless there is a competent specialist in ultrasound, which can cause this unit to issue all the necessary data and interpret them correctly.
The appearance is not always directly reflect the true condition of the veins and the extent to which the disease has gone. Contrary to popular belief, varicose veins do not necessarily cause severe physical discomfort. Pain and all other complaints (swelling, redness) appear when complications of varicose veins (thrombosis, trophic ulcer, defeated deep vein). Most often in such cases the complete cure is not necessary.
That is why the patient, convinced that, in the case of varicose veins is still in its early stages and needs no radical methods of treatment, the doctor to do the operation, is puzzling. Externally, the patient may experience a single node or a small wreath on the inner surface of the varicose legs that have existed for a long time and it didn’t bother him. But it is only the surface of the tip of the iceberg, since ultrasound duplex scanning venous valves that can detect large saphenous vein, which runs the most prominent eye flow, do not work, and the Vienna expanded more than in 2 times.
The situation becomes clearer: you must remove the stem vein at the site, where it does not operate valves (two centimeter incision, which is then closed with stitches or seam cosmetic laser surgical apparatus). Then remove the visible face of the flow through point mm punctures that are not sutured after the procedure, and should be sealed with special stripes Steri Strip. This technique is known as “short stripping and miniphlebectomy”.

In another case, on the contrary, there is a large area of damage, and the patient’s legs almost completely covered with varicose veins and vascular asterisks. However, in the course of the examination it turns out that all the major superficial and deep veins of a well functioning, and the disease has affected only a small vein. That is, we are dealing with “pritokovym varicose veins”. In such cases, the patient should undergo sclerotherapy (microsclerotherapy for thread veins, sclerotherapy-form foam, puncture sclerotherapy).

To improve cosmetic results, you can apply a cosmetic laser sclerotherapy or termokoagulâciû, that gets rid of the capillaries of a millimetre in diameter.
Where do you start, to keep your feet safe and sound?

Of course the best advice is when the first signs of varicose veins (swelling, pain, prostupivšie Vienna) seem flebologu. Only a doctor with the help of a special diagnostic ultrasound will be able to assess the condition of the veins and to layout of varikozu, give a forecast of development of the disease. You can also take advantage of the special antivarikoznymi compression stockings or tights and tall boots. Quality medical stocking is made of a special seamless technology. Its important features are:
the use of special synthetic fibres, medically certified
physiological distribution of the pressure, departing from the ankle to the thigh: 100% in the ankle, a decrease of 30% in the thigh, in the upper third of the tibia is 70% and 40% on the thigh
account of anatomical features of limbs at its manufacturing
high quality of the products, which ensures its durability and prolonged retention of medical compression properties
Medical stocking is divided into prophylactic and therapeutic.
Prophylactic compression stocking were marked at DENah (DEN). DEN (denier) is characteristic of the density of the fabric, depending on the number of elastic fibers and has no direct relation to the degree of compression. It can be bought without a doctor’s prescription in special lounges where you can take the necessary measurements.

Prophylactic knitwear creates compression that is smaller than is required for therapeutic effect, and may be used only to prevent disease. It should be noted that in the market of large quantities of fake and low-quality preventive and therapeutic Jersey.

Medical hosiery is marked in millimeters of mercury, is divided into 4 compression class corresponding to the degree of venous blood flow. Medical stocking is a flebologom (or a specialist in medical technology in special lounges by prescription), taking into account the form and nature of the varicose veins and the individual measurements of the patient. For example, for the selection of tights you want to release 7 different measurements. Using the medical knitted fabric is achieved by speeding up venous blood flow, eliminates venous congestion, swelling, prevent blood clots, restores metabolic processes in tissues of the lower limbs.

In order to ensure a high quality medical compressive stockinet uses modern technologies for production of fibres: highly elastic foamed synthetic rubber-elastane, creates the specified and the long-term persistence of the original level of compression and does not cause an allergic reaction of the skin, and “breathable” nylon Spandex. Special technology of porous matings (Climatherm, Smartex), an antibacterial and antifungal treatment yarns create favourable conditions for water and heat balance of the skin, so the fabric can be used even in the hot season. Positive moments are a wide range of products (socks, stockings, panty hose, stockings on the belt, maternity tights, tights for men). High aesthetic properties of knitted fabrics allow patients to maintain normal levels of quality of life.

We talked about a lot, but I would like to highlight the main-varices requires serious integrated approach and your patience.

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