The waxing of hands: remove excess vegetation

Removal of superfluous hair waxing is popular and popular procedure in beauty salons. The waxing of hands is the greatest demand in summer, because the clothes don’t hide the open aesthetic drawbacks as a superfluous hairs. The waxing of hands are equally in demand by both women and men. And if women don’t like the existence of extra hair on your hands, the man with the hand can achieve smaller, their thinning hair growth and as a result, at least their visibility.

Wax for hand

For the field hands are soft or warm wax. Let out the warm wax in special cartridges, which are plastic tape with a roller. The warm wax is pine tar and emollients, and it allows you to reheat the wax in voskoplave to a temperature not exceeding 40° c. Thus there is no danger of Burns as the hot wax.

Using a roller warm wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. On top of the wax covered strip of special paper that sharp movement breaks down against the direction of hair growth. If necessary, repeat the procedure a second time on the same site, and then remove wax residue oil, which has a calming effect on the skin. Used after depilation oil also prevents the appearance of inflammation on the skin.

Pros and cons of hand

As with any cosmetic procedure, the waxing of hands has its positive and negative sides. The advantages include the problem of superfluous hair, reducing their growth, density and thickness. The use of warm wax for this procedure excludes Burns and makes it more comfortable. The waxing of hands has positive effects on skin condition, as a sort of peeling that removes dead skin cells and makes it smooth and silky.

Disadvantages include the fact that after bioèpilâcii in some cases there is ingrown hair. However most often it happens when the unprofessional or postprocedurnye are not complied with recommendations to a beautician.

Skin care after the hands

In order to bioèpilâcii the hands of skin as long as possible to remain smooth and supple, with no signs of excessive vegetation, it is necessary to apply various cosmetic means. They are selected as a cosmetologist, depending on the type and condition of the skin and can be both moisturizing and calming or soothing. We also recommend that you use the tools of professional cosmetics which contain the components that hinder fast hair growth.

To prevent ingrown hairs is recommended once a week to shower gel-scrub, exfoliating dead skin cells. After the water is sprayed on the skin moisturizer: creams, lotions, cosmetics for skin body on natural basis. Regular use prevents drying out the skin, soothes and prevents inflammatory elements.

Contraindications for conducting field hands

Before the procedure must go through consultation of dermatologist and therapist. The bioèpilâcii contraindicated in hands of the hypersensitive and paraffin wax components that are part of the bioèpilâcii. Also this procedure cannot be carried out with any fungal or infectious skin disorders: warts, papillomas, aciclovir. The benignant formations like moles or birthmarks is a contraindication for the field.

Strict contraindications to any areas are cancer, pregnancy, varicose veins in the areas of hair removal. It should not be in diabetes, epilepsy, and cardiovascular diseases.

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