To hell with love: what do lonely on Valentine’s day?

aloneOne day a year for single people is synonymous with waking nightmare is 14 February with all traditional for this holiday with flowers, candy, kisses, love confessions, dating and other melodramatic things that are far away from the relationship of personality to the spirit does not tolerate, as any allergies. So, if your Valentine’s day you have no pair, as do survive this psevdoromanticnyj holiday with minimal damage to the psyche and self-esteem? And whether in fact generally upset that universal madness at floating hearts, bears and other MI-MI-MI you are free and no one independent person?! Alone on Valentine’s day has its advantages, and we will tell you what you need to do 14 February to their search.
1. Unite

Make a list of single girlfriends who are just like you, would have preferred to forget about the Valentine’s day and the entire day to lie in bed with serials. Alone is not easy to cope with sadness and melancholy, which exactly nagryanet, when you see the Interior of the adjacent cafe or TV program February 14, so it’s best to gather in groups on that day and do absolutely not romantic things. About them in the next paragraph …
2. throw a party style anti-Valentine

The Interior is black, only on TV-movies about vampires and action detectives at the table-Tequila, popcorn and chips. Play games, tell each other scary stories and jokes and by the end of the evening look, suddenly still, Carrie Bradshaw was right when saying that, probably, all the same it is women who are our second halves, and men are just for fun.
3. spend the whole day in Bliss

Men, dating, agonizing choice what to wear for Valentine’s day and, even worse, that he donate to … Today all this headache has safely passed, and the only problem you will choose: go to the Turkish bath or the sauna, do a body wrap, massage, or both, and more: How does varnish put make-up nails? All problems are only in your head, so 14 February cut directly from all and register for spa treatments that will absorb you for the whole evening.
4. Escape from the city

Where To? Where you will dream: in the winter forest, asphalt powdered with snow, or those memorable places where you spend a lot of time in his childhood. Only do not turn this outings in camping on the trail of your former great love. If you’re too melancholic, the banal walks you are to bring your sleds, skates, skis and spend time in nature is active.
5. help your loving friends

This ride is great generosity is designed for those who believe that the positive energy in the world itself and returns to those who gave the world. Ask, maybe someone you love friends now needs support or assistance: for example, they have no one to leave the baby, to arrange a romantic dinner in the restaurant. In addition, you vyrucite, you completely forget your child not only on Valentine’s day.

6. go to the “hunt” of …

Valentine’s day, or rather night, 14 February is the best time for flirting. Judge for yourself: all married and held that night obligatory spend their time with their halves, and the lonely are in active search-have fun and go to the clubs. Grab your girlfriends and forward: such a chance comes only once a year!

7. to … or invite itself to a date

“It is not worth to compromise with life, after all you are what you eat”, “said Janis Joplin. On this occasion, 14 February will not upset the most beloved and dear person in your life-you-and will try to make this day selfishly-perfect. Hot tub with foam, pizza and sushi at home, masks and scrubs the body, countless hours of relax with a book on the couch … Maybe in a year, being married, you will remember this Valentine’s day as the best holiday of your body and soul.

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