Today it is fashionable to be healthy!

fashionThe only tricks don’t come we modern women to look their best! Solarium, beautician, sauna, spa treatments, fancy diets-our services all the novelties of the beauty industry! But look a woman and be it is not at all the same thing. Not if we are missing something important in the pursuit of external signs of health?

Do you remember the old ditty: “what, what, what made our girls?” what are we, the modern women? I would like to say: “Of your beauty and health, love and happiness, holidays and sea, the mindset of the loved one.”

In fact, quite often it turns out that we made from one only stresses, delays to work, traffic, domestic problems and sores, which are sometimes not aware of …

How often his poor health, unwillingness to climb out of bed in the morning, tired we habitually explain nervous congestion and lack of sleep! Co-workers noticing “Yes you just time to leave!” But, returning from a long-awaited vacation, in two weeks we will have all the same symptoms. And poor health has not disappeared! But we consider ourselves to be healthy! Yes and what doctor to go with complaints of bad mood, irritability and weakness? This is the same as in the anecdote “would you still on your salary complained!”

And complain there are on that. We did not suspect that these seemingly “harmless” Symptoms can be a sign of a serious breakdown in the body.

And if they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then it is safe to say that our mood is a reflection of the endocrine, nervous and other systems of the body. Our body is designed so difficult that even healthy women significantly changed working capacity depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. What to say about a situation where there has been a failure! There is a hormonal imbalance is a situation where some hormones become larger than necessary, and others less. While some authorities are starting to work with the explicit congestion, while others, on the contrary, All this leads to various diseases. Common pathology for a long time is not shown, use only increased fatigue and groundless changes of mood.

They say that we women better than men are protected from stress. But what price we are paying for it! Constant stresses mercilessly beaten by the endocrine system, causing failure of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and the ovaries. We must suffer diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, mastopathy, fibroadenoma of the various and breast cysts, ovarian cysts and even infertility.
Woman’s body is pretty solidly, with resulting disbalance load on the internal organs is redistributed, they “rescue” of each other, saving the whole body. How long can the human body to function normally in such a stressful time? That’s who you’re lucky! It can be quite a trip South to all dormant sores woke up and gave itself felt! But it also happens that quite a long time nothing bothers us, pathology of the same over time, becoming more resistant in nature. And it is early detection greatly increases the chances of recovery of domestic resources, preventing a dangerous process cause permanent restructuring of the entire body.

We are closing a vicious cycle: the constant lack of time forces us to put off a visit to the doctor, we had to walk on and take tests. Miracle creams and facial treatments (which is something we do not take the time!) provide only a temporary effect health. The root cause is asymptomatic diseases persists, and violations are becoming more pronounced. And the time to do a as before, no!

And such examples abound. The doctor tells¬† “the most typical situation when a woman comes in complaining of fatigue, chronic fatigue, and it turns out that this anemia. But the anemia from scratch does not arise. Already during the conversation it turns out that women have menstrual irregularities, but after the test it is clear that the causes are serious disease-fibroids, endometriosis, is leaking or disguised under other conditions “.

The woman after her divorce with her husband (stress!) was an irregular menstrual cycle. The woman agreed that it is a sign of overwork and not six years sought help! She was not herself, she has a daughter, she was so weak. It turned out that it took all these years for menstruation, it was no more bleeding! Looking for a reason, and this is a uterine fibroids are large enough.

How often do we women pay attention to their natural biorhythms? After all, the menstrual cycle, the exact watch is the Queen of England, is the hallmark of a healthy woman!

Only the combination of scientific knowledge and modern technologies allows to identify the resulting violations when they have not yet produced any symptoms of the disease. This is the most opportune moment for their correction! At the current stage of development of science created a unique program as meeting all the requirements of modern women. The programme “women’s health” provides the opportunity as soon as possible (for 3-3, 5:0) complete a full survey of the entire body. The advantage of this programme is the systematic approach to diagnosis. Therefore, after detailed conversations with your doctor is assigned a set of studies that will most accurately reflect the State of our body at the time of treatment.

Along with the diagnostic methods that are part of the WHSD are traditionally “female” study: breast ultrasound, pelvic, breast as follows: radio Thermometry, blood tests for tumor markers, determination of hormonal status. This is not a complete list of all tests. There are even hair and nails! And all in order to obtain a full picture of all the processes occurring in the body.

At the conclusion of the consultation, we have finally received the long-awaited answer to the question: “what is happening to us?” the doctor gives all the necessary recommendations, as well as a written report with the results of all studies. With this advice, you can contact the doctors at other centres or polyclinics. However, in practice, this happens very rarely!
After plunging into the atmosphere of caring, feeling the highest level of training doctors, warm and attentive staff, and do not want to go to another place! The scheme of treatment here are unique and have no analogues not only in Moscow but also in Europe.
Let’s save our health for years to come, so that each woman was full of beauty, love and happiness!

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