Total immersion: floating

floatingFloating are called sensory deprivation Chamber. That is, the camera, the insulation from any sensations. It was invented by doctor John Lilly, explores the State of brain, deprived of external stimulation. These clever words worth one: how a person will behave without all that accustomed to: the sounds, smells, colours, people? Only you and. .. are you. One in the float Chamber.
Now floating in fashion, so float capsules can be found in virtually any major spa or Yoga Center. It usually looks like a visit to the solarium. You come, you pay your money, and you are in room: shower, hanger, stool, waste basket and horizontal cabin with door-hatch. There you have to immerse yourself.
Cubicle filled with water with Epsom Salt dissolved in it. Salt will allow you not to fall “at the bottom” and experience the effect of weightlessness. Or, at least, would provide an opportunity to introduce yourself floating in the dead sea. The water temperature is equal to body temperature, so there is virtually no. No sound, no light penetrates. In General, all of the MOM’s tummy. In essence, floating and there is an attempt to achieve an environment similar to the embryo.
Your task is to lie down in the water to relax, forget about annoying the world around and do absolutely nothing. Just breathe in and out.
First time visiting this closed and wet place may seem strange and frightening. But the yelling and kicking in the water bultyhat′ need not: door to door, no one locks, it opens one easy click. In some cameras can be on time and the light inside the switch.
Most importantly, give sessions floatinga, is a complete relaxation. If the turnover and the houses do not have time even to sit, float Chamber is a place where all the accumulated stress will dissolve and evaporate.
If you are actively engaged in sports, the magic camera can soothe the narabotavšiesâ muscles.
If you’re expecting a child, this unique method ensures  pregnancy. If you just want to be alone with yourself and think about it, you have a chance, and let the whole world wait.
During the floatinga in blood is thrown out a lot of happiness hormones and stress hormones neutralized. And this is valid not only for an hour session, but a few days after. During the floatinga the left brain that responds to external stimuli, the sly “settling down”. But the right is responsible for figuratively-intuitive thinking. Therefore, a condition that can reach people while floating in the salt water, is unique. It looks like a meditative poluson-poluav′ when the eyes themselves may appear even color pictures. And do not be afraid, this is normal. Just your brain has been active in relieving stress.
And yet the benefits of floatinga. The Epsom salts contained in the water, normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle and joint pain. Yes and for skin is useful!
Floating-session, safe for all. Except, of course, hard-core klaustrofobov. However, even they sometimes recover from his fear that by visiting the float Chamber. Floatinga session lasts for 45-60 minutes, prices may vary, it is necessary to find out in clinics and centres, where the services are provided. The average is about 2 thousand rubles.
Before visiting the float Chamber, read our tips.
1. Remember that the water contains salt solution? This and that. To do this in the morning, and then go for a floatinga is not the best idea: is pinching! Be cautious and light rankami, cuts … Even if you have just obvetrilis′ the lips, faces first treat their hygienic lipstick, and then go swim undisturbed.
2. during the session, try not to wave your hands in the face of and certainly do not rub your eyes. Falling into the eye drop of salt water is a very unpleasant sensations guaranteed. The ears are also worth to be cautious, it is best to buy earplugs.
3. If you think times floating-the process of mystical, it would be nice to gently stimulate it with a Martini before a session, it is not necessary to do. Sedation should be natural. Tight lunch doesn’t need to: you just can’t relax.
So, simple rules, but feeling inexpressible. Perhaps floating is a new opportunity to find yourself and relax. In the end, when even nowadays you can be alone with yourself?

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