Truth in the legs: flip-flops are dangerous for health?

lgYou have the sea and the beautiful Sun for three weeks in a row. And not only so, but because it was a couple of days before the start of the long-awaited vacation. Tickets bought, hotel booked, suitcases almost picked. Swimsuit, dress, top, pants gipermodnye already packed, we only have to choose the shoes. Of course, without a doubt, you will take your favorite flip flops-flip flops with Rhinestones for evening or bright, rubber for the beach. But did you know that the shoes can hopelessly damage not only two weeks of vacation, but many months after? The thing is that they are very harmful to health.

Flip flops, flip flops, slippers-as soon as we do not call open shoes, keeping the foot only by thin straps and the eardrum, which is between the thumb and middle finger of the foot. In many stores, their modifications: sports, beach, party, bright, glamorous and restrained and modest. They are comfortable in hot weather and you can flaunt a trendy pedicure. However, this shoe is suitable for everyday wear.

Tells the doctor-orthopedist Denis Milovidov: footwear type v′etnamok creates the highest risk of catching an infection, wound the skin and also get calluses, even if it is from the most prestigious designer flip-flops. Dust, pieces of dirt, particles of municipal waste-all of it settles on the legs. And at first glance it’s okay. But what if you have sores on the feet, unhealed sore that you forgot to cover the plaster, scratch, abrasion? We rarely think about it, but, according to recent studies, excessively open summer shoes increases the risk of catching a potentially life-threatening infection like staph. ”

Irritation caused by friction on the membrane between the thumb and middle fingers, can not only be transformed into corn, but also be beneficial to the development of fungal infection. Mycosis (fungal diseases) usually begins with injured skin between the fingers and toes on the cover in the direction of the nail plate, to the soles and sides of the foot.

Flip-flops, glamorous or easy, can cost you your beauty and patocek. When wearing the v′etnamok heel getting constant clicks and bumps. Hence the emergence of calluses and cracks. Not to mention that flip-flops require some effort (by the foot), to keep the shoe on the foot.
In the United States conducted a special study, which showed that prolonged wearing flip flops is change of gait: States that the leg begins as individually packaged inside. This is the man most often unconsciously to reduce emitted when walking in slippers enough loud noises. Muscles work in such a way that the toes like flatten easily and are experiencing severe load. Doctors-podiatrists point out that this could lead to injury and Achilles ‘ tendon podosvennomu fascitu-inflammation, which occurs in the case of very high stretching of the Plantar fascia (the fibrous tissue, located along the sole of the foot).

Equally strong strains the back surface of the thigh.

“If you, as a real Lady, not to think of life without your heels and flip flops are your beliefs, then,-assures doctor Milovidov, to injury, if you suddenly accidentally podvernes′ the leg can be very dangerous and cause rupture of the ligaments or fractured”.
Foot problems can start already after two weeks of wearing v′etnamok.

So remember: no matter how the fashion catwalks slippers sparkled, whatever attractive colors and patterns or stood in the stores, it’s the shoes, the wearing of which to interleave with wearing shoes with a heel (heel).
So, a healthy choice for everyday wear in hot weather is Sandals or shoes with heels.

Slippers or flip-flops are best used when you go to the beach, go to the pool or beach party-provided that you’re not going to dance or participate in Active contests.

If you select flip flops for the shower in the pool or the gym Please note that they must be sufficiently solid sole that the water present on the floor, do not make contact with your legs.

The sole should be smooth, otherwise you risk of slipping. Of course, in the pool are flip flops with heels.

And, perhaps, another area in which the flip-flops should be imposed a strict taboo-a car. Imagine: you lead car suddenly due to turning out the car, and you need to be extra slow. But, Oh, spank off and instead it just applied to the slide. What with walking may seem like an unfortunate accident, when you’re behind the wheel, can cost you health and life.


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