Upper lip hair removal: get rid of the moustache

uperEvery woman dreams of a smooth body and face, with no signs of excess body hair growth. And if the presence of excess body hair can hide the clothes, the hair on the face are pretty serious aesthetic defect. Many women regularly resorts to epilate your upper lip. To remove hair on the upper lip can be used by various methods that differ by the duration of the effect, the pain sensations and costs per work guaranteed. Choose the best method of hair removal upper lip will help specialist beauty salon.

Hair removal upper lip waxing

Waxing upper lip is quite popular procedure, as it can be applied in any color and hair structure and is characterized by low price. Waxing is quite long lasting effect of lack of hair and can be carried out once a month. With each subsequent procedure, the hair becomes thinner and less noticeable. Drawback of waxing is its pronounced soreness in the area of the upper lip skin is pretty sensitive.

For depilation of upper lip wax warm wax is applied, which ensures that even the most thin hairs. Hot in voskoplave wax are thin upper lip in the direction of hair growth, give a little zastynut′ and frustrate the sharp movement against the direction of hair growth. Then remove wax residue and oil are sedative for the skin.

Upper lip hair removal using šugaringa

Removing excess hair on the face and can be carried out using a special mixture based on natural resins. Šugaring was used for hair removal in ancient Egypt and still is popular because it helps to get rid of excess body hair growth using a mixture of natural ingredients. Besides the natural resins in the šugaringa include honey, essential oils, lemon juice and other ingredients.

A small portion of resin knead with your fingers until it acquires a whitish color. Then, the resin is applied to the area of hair removal, pressing it slightly with the skin. For the best coupling of pitch with the hair you should wait one minute, then breaking sharp movement against the direction of hair growth. As with waxing šugaring is pretty painful procedure. After the šugaringa the skin is nice and smooth, since at the same time removing hair šugaring provides a kind of peeling skin.

Laser hair removal upper lip

Laser hair removal top is modern as it provides you with the effective and painless hair removal. The result of this procedure is stored longer than waxing. The most significant result is achieved with a combination of dark hair and light skin. A few treatments of laser hair removal upper lip leads to the destruction of a large number of hair follicles, which can achieve a radical solution to the problem of unwanted hair.

The downside of laser hair removal is its high price. In some cases the procedure may feel tingling, and after it temporarily experience a slight redness. Typically, red skin is held during the first two to three hours after the procedure. Not suitable laser hair removal upper lip with a very light or white hair. When dark skin laser hair removal can be performed only on the most modern equipment that uses a certain type of laser, because, otherwise, there is an increased risk of burns.

Upper lip hair removal

Upper lip hair removal is the best way for getting rid of unwanted hair on this sensitive part of the body. Unlike laser epilation hair removal can be used with any color of skin and hair. The most popular form of hair removal elos hair removal is. Each device, in which the elos hair removal, is equipped with a system of contact cooling, making the risk of burn injury is reduced to a minimum. For maximum effect would require several procedures of hair removal upper lip.

The destruction of the hair follicles are in the stage of active growth of hair. On the upper lip up to sixty-five percent of hairs are in a stage of growth. So the effect is noticeable section faster than when the same photo-epilation.

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