Vegetable juice-how to drink all year

Very soon the shelves will be fresh vegetables-carrots, beets, cabbage, squash, Greens. You can use them to recover health after a long winter. Help this vegetable juices, which have a remarkable property: the bulk of the harmful chemicals used for cultivation, leaving the tissue.

What benefits

After a long winter, our body is tired of the sedentary lifestyle, lack of vitamins and minerals. As a result, after several months of winter slowed metabolism, have weakness, drowsiness and insomnia at night, by day headaches.

To restore the metabolism will give our body vegetable juices that contain:

carbohydrates – they immediately go into the bloodstream and become a source of energy;

vitamins – these come with enzymes, many times accelerate all biochemical processes in the body;

minerals – without them there is no biochemical process, and metabolism consists of a mass of such processes;

plant enzymes and hormones are also activate metabolic processes;

organic acid-stimulated secretion of digestive juices;

phytoncides are substances with antibacterial properties;

flavonoids are plant pigments that can change bodily reactions to other substances, such as allergens, viruses and so on;

polyphenols-organic substances of vegetable origin, which are potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibacterial, antioxidant properties that positively affect the brain;

chlorophyll is the Green pigment in green vegetables (Zucchini, cucumbers, leaf green), has a structure at the molecular level close to gemu (iron in hemoglobin) and due to this similarity helps strengthen cell membranes, forming connective tissue, strengthening of the immune system.

How to drink

To vegetable juices have brought the most, they need to drink properly:

take a long-needed juice, preferably fresh vegetables throughout the season, before the next winter;

amount of pure juice shall not be greater than 300 ml/day (minimum); drinking juice can be in 2-3 reception for half an hour before meals, if it seems too concentrated, it can be diluted with water; at night it is better not to drink fresh fruit juice – it invigorates;

vegetable juices can be mixed; the Foundation may provide juices you can drink in large quantities without harming your health – cucumber, pumpkin, squash and tomato; You can add carrot, beet, cabbage and other vegetables juice; goes well with vegetable juices Apple juice; in each portion of the vegetable juices preferably add juice leaf Greens (Dill, parsley, etc.);

prepare the juice you need directly to the reception, the exception to this rule is the beet juice to stand in a cool place for about an hour, after which it can be added to other vegetable juices; beet juice should begin to take a tablespoon a day, spreading out his water or by adding other juices (but not more than one-third cup) because some people take this juice is difficult: it causes nausea and bloating; If you do not carry the beet juice, not worth taking it in other juices are also much needed nutrients and better to eat beets boiled is also useful.

Once a week can be spent fasting days, during which time you should drink vegetable juice, diluted with water. Just a day to drink 1.5 litres of liquid, mix juice and water in which should be 1: 3. And because the body does not get the solid food, and therefore not moving mass of fecal kishechniku before discharge day to do a cleansing enema.

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