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yogaClass schedule in practically every sports club and fitness centre you can find the word “Yoga”. This text will help you understand what is being taught at this institution and on which system to choose.

YOGA IYENGAR. Today it is the most popular yoga in the world. Its creator, B.K.S. Iyengar, is rightly considered one of the greatest Yogis of today, more than 60 years of training to understand this practice. This type of Yoga is perfectly adapted for the Europeans, however, does not lose its original integrity.

The introduction begins with the basics: how to properly stand, what parts of the body and how to stretch and relax. Main thing is the correct body position. Iyengar Yoga, therefore there are a number of improvised devices to exploit complex provisions without risk to health: bars, belts, rollers, blankets. If you are unable to properly remove and immediately straighten your leg or arm, you can take the belt, not dotagivaes′sa the Palm to put floor-block. It’s okay, yoga is not sorevnovatel′na, it’s not a sport.

The system is a classic Yoga Iyengar, which does not fall into the extreme and harmful to health. Each set includes a full range of tilt forward Asan, deflections, inverted postures, poses standing up and lying down. If you choose the system classes, your body gradually becomes flexible, and mind, emotions calm docile.

Be prepared to:
-combine asanas with proper breathing;
-emphasis on exact execution of static positions.

ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA. This is a variation of the traditional classical yoga, the most powerful and efficient system of Hatha Yoga. Keeper of the Sri Pattabhi Joyce leads the Yoga section in South India. He, like B.K.S. Iyengar, he studied with masters-yoga of Krishnamacharya. Asan complexes similar to those used in Iyengar Yoga, the essential difference is that with his amazing Ashtanga they all run in the dynamics. Each posture is fixed for a few seconds, then goes on to the next. This activates all metabolic processes in the body, rejuvenation and purification processes are started. This practice is based on six series of progressively complex exercises. However, in an effort to to the top of the practice note: even among the most advanced Yogis who comes to master all six.

Be prepared to:
-during the lesson you want to breathe in a certain way, concentrating on fixed points. That is, to strive for constant meditative state;
-before with his amazing Ashtanga, is to undergo a basic course of Yoga Iyengar. The same is not possible with his amazing Ashtanga in detail disassemble each Asana and incorrectly fixed position can cause injury.

KUNDALINI YOGA. There is a legend about the Kundalini energy. According to Kundalini focuses each of us in the region of the coccyx-is there, curled up in the ring. If you activate, it expands, rises along the spine and coursing toward the head. This leads to a variety of consequences: someone will open the third eye, clairvoyance, flying skill, etc. many people getting started with these activities are guided by the desire to gain superpowers. However, the results are bleak.
The fact of the matter is that the Kundalini Yoga as a system does not exist. The awakening of that energy is a reward for years of not just a yoga practice, but a righteous life in General. The Yogi is capable after decades of practice by using special exercises to open a psychic ability. However, never do it for its own sake. Using this kind of ability to satisfy their worldly ambitions, it will fall to a much lower level and lose the acquired potential. So most often under the guise of “Kundalini Yoga” teaches the usual Bioenergetic exercises. Probably because the word “Kundalini” sounds beautiful and musically.

Be prepared to:
-at the beginning of the session to do a warm up consisting of physical exercise;
-the actual practice is meditation and visualization combined with different kinds of breathing;
-After the end of the meditation is a series of exercises on the closing of energy-channels.

YOGA DANCE, DANCE YOGA. This is one of the modern directions of yoga. There is a version that combines dance with certain postures and regulated breathing helps to harmonize the physical and mental condition of the person. Lesson is that under Indian music you gradually learn the dance. Strictly speaking, it’s not yoga, per se, but simply a merging of traditional Indian dance with some asanas. In short, it is a positive experience that can harmonize your psycho-emotional condition.
Be prepared to:
-body movements designed to as a result of it took the form of a swastika, traditionally for Culture East symbolizing the Sun.
-lesson similar to dynamic meditation.

FITNESS YOGA. This version of fitness, in fact, is not yoga. It is believed that this is just a commercial reception, aimed to draw attention to what they were doing. Posture similar to yoga asanas are performed as in statics and dynamics, to music. Static poses reminiscent of Iyengar Yoga, mobile-astangi-vin′asy complexes.
Be prepared: in fitness Yoga is the main principle of yoga-a conscious understanding of each movement.

Pay attention. Yoga is not worth doing if you have chronic diseases in the acute stage, after surgeries and injuries. But during pregnancy to do yoga even desirable-after consultation with the doctor, of course.

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