What is a cryoprotectant, and how it can protect your skin?

skin proIn the run-up to winter again all speak about krioprotektorah. This is referred to as creams that have specific composition for prevention of negative natural forcings. And during the cold season of such problems: erratic weather, cold, wind, rain, snow, sudden change of temperature. How to care for your skin in a way that does not suffer from the discomfort?

It is not surprising that the skin differently perceives a chill beauty Cryo-procedures and cold weather exposure. The first is useful, the second is unpleasant. However, the tonic effect of cold treatments is the main argument for Facial rejuvenation and body, that is quite a long time. And skin tone, as it is known, controls preservation of youth, good complexion and wrinkles. However, the winter chill gives us a lot of inconvenience. In winter, even oily skin becomes dry, requires improved nutrition and hydration. So you need to use not only protective but also more nourishing night cream to restore hydro-lipid film which provides natural protection in cold areas, to supply the deep layers of the skin and to prevent dehydration. Creams-cryoprotectants just provide exactly such an effect on the skin.

Impact mechanisms

Firstly, the cryoprotectant restores and strengthens the skin hydro-lipidic barrier: a specific structure, without which the skin is exposed to premature aging processes, coupled with the harsh external effects. Such restoration has been carried out primarily by components that mechanically protects the skin (usually this role perform a mixture of vegetable oils, vaseline, lanolin), as well as the basic components of recovery “from the inside”-ceramides, unsaturated fatty acids of different stimulating factors on which its own lipids are synthesized in the skin.

Secondly, strengthening capillaries, is returned to the tone of the vascular wall. Of course, the normal blood supply tissues the skin reacts to any stresses adequate loss and expansion of blood vessels, skin food is not broken, and the temperature change is only good.

For such training and the strengthening of short extracts of grape, green tea, horse chestnut, propolis, ginseng, vitamins e and c, beta carotene.

Thirdly, eliminates dehydration of the skin, natural moisturizing factor ensures that moisture and retain it inside the skin. Urea, hyaluronic acid, an amino acid in the cream, glycerine-those components that are able to maintain normal hydration of the skin.

Fourthly, further nourishing and protective effect are vegetable oils that are part of cryoprotectants. This can include milk thistle, Cedar oil, castor oil, sweet almond, jojoba, apricot, peach, makadamia, as well as vegetable squalane, which structure is similar to our own human skin lipids and molecules which are the “building blocks” for recovery of natural protection.

It is important not to overload your skin thick creams, because if there is hypersensitivity she can respond to stimulation with. Use creams,
forming a mechanical film, meaning that only barrier protection, in this case, it is not necessary. Better apply nutritive cocktails that contain oils and vitamins, thermal water and special components for recovery.

The different series of cosmetics, as a rule, there are one or several creams with protective and regenerating the skin properties. Their action is carried out thanks to the mechanisms mentioned above.

For example, Lumene Blue Extreme Comfort from Lumene contains exactly ceramides and features deep hydration;

Nutrilogy from Vichy sfingolipid (stimulates the skin’s own lipids), apricot kernel oil, Walnut makadamia, jojoba, glycerin, vitamin e;

Toleriane Riche Creme from La Roche-Posay-squalane, a natural emollient, slows the process of dehydration of the skin, glycerine, moisturizer component, as well as thermal water of La Roche-Posay;

Bariederm creme from Uriage-patented complex POLY-2 p,
vegetable squalane, sterols, glycerin, Uriage thermal water-all these components provide not only long lasting protection, but also nutrition and hydration;

Kutelica from the Myrrh-milk thistle seeds, oil castorovoe, propolis extract, nettle, biomass of ginseng, fish fats, glucose, urea, lactic acid, citric, succinic, essential oil of ylang ylang, vitamins e, c and beta-carotene;

Nutriskin Nutritive Creme from Ozon-extract oil, pumpkin seeds, walnut oil, glycerin, makadamia, extract of Mimosa, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide. Such a rich composition ensures the skin prolonged feeling of humidity and comfort;

Protective balm for GreenMama-goose fat, white petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin wax, vitamin e;

Ictyane creme from Ducray-vazelinovo-the complex glycerol.

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