When vinegar is sweet

vinegarThe truth is-nothing else better to do than to lose weight without exhausting diet? But is it so happens? Turns out, Yes. And the recipe is simple: we should drink … Apple Cider vinegar. Your hands have already flocked to the kitchen cupboard? Whoa, first find out what’s what.
In Apple vinegar and there are useful to the body acid and mineral substances and trace elements, and a number of enzymes. In addition, it contains valuable ballastnoe substance-pectin and the strongest antioxidant-provitamin a.
From here, and all the wonderful properties of Apple Cider vinegar: it promotes the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates, reduces appetite and sugar cravings, cleans and tones up the body, and that’s not all … The list can go on for very long.

When you buy this product in a store, please note that it was said: “apple cider vinegar”-and nothing more! No additives-just then the result will be, as it should be.

Cleopatra’s Cup
In ancient Egypt beauty took care of the skin by using Apple Cider vinegar. Queen Cleopatra and it maintained excellent shape: the feasts she enjoyed fine food, what to itself did not refuse, and at the end of the meal, the maid brought her a cup of cider vinegar in half-filled with water. The Queen drank the potion, and none of it had not eaten as fat folds at the waist.
No wonder the Apple Cider vinegar traditionally is found in the cuisines of many countries: they fill with salads, used as a condiment for many dishes, prepared on the basis of sauces. Eat-and not tolstees′. Not life, but a dream!

PEI, but moderation
If you want just a little bit “clean” of the body, it is sufficient to drink apple cider vinegar once a day, in the morning, before eating. A tablespoon of vinegar should be diluted in a glass of warm water.
And to get rid of excess weight, the same mixture to drink three times a day for half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want, you can add a drink a tea spoon of honey.
After drinking a solution of Apple Cider vinegar, propolosi mouth water, because vinegar is eating away the enamel of your teeth just like any other acid. And, of course, it is not suitable for those who suffer from gastritis and acidity.

Piercing the skin …
If you drink apple cider vinegar regularly, within two weeks you will notice that your skin looks better. No wonder, because it reflects the overall condition of the body! But to strengthen this effect, you can use Apple Cider vinegar externally. It stimulates the circulation of blood in the capillaries that permeate the skin, destroys the bacteria. Not only that-the organic acids contained in it, smooth out wrinkles! It can not be that for those who have sensitive skin is different.
Protiraj before you sleep face cider vinegar-and you get rid of the pimples. Still it is recommended to rub the offending sites are those where there’s cellulite and stretch marks. And finally, if you add in the water when taking a bath, a couple of cups of Apple Cider vinegar, then your skin after the procedure is smooth and soft.

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